Steel Heart by Brandon Sanderson!

I am so ridiculously excited right now. I just went downtown and picked up my special order: a hardcover copy of Steel Heart! It got impressive reviews and is of a unique flavor of epic fantasy. I am going to attempt to read the whole thing in one sitting today. Wish me luck! I hope […]

Winter Hymns project is being rebooted today…

I realized that I wasn’t approaching my epic fantasy novel debut, Winter Hymns, from a lucid enough or honest enough perspective and have decided to start over. I am no longer working on flash fiction. Being published last month helped to boost confidence and motivation so I will leave it at that. I have been […]

Welcome to!

I honestly don’t feel worthy of owning such an iconic domain. I was incredibly surprised to see that it wasn’t snapped up years ago when frat boys began watching Game Of Thrones in hopes of seeing blood and breasts. I am honored to have it and cannot wait to start implementing the database of fantasy […]